Fort Vancouver Tapestry

19. Arrival of Military

An official greeting

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Sponsored by: Tiara, Nathaniel, Isaac & Daniel Bowers
For many years the United States and Great Britain had contested the ownership of what is now Washington State. The issue was finally resolved in 1846 by designating the 49th parallel as the boundary between British Columbia and the United States.
In 1849 Major Samuel Gilbert Hathaway, who had sailed around the Horn, established the Columbia Barracks.  He met Colonel William W. Loring who came overland with mounted riflemen.

“Hola” is a Spanish greeting. It's interesting to note that the Mexicans arrived very early in this area because of their prowess as muleskinners. They were renowned for their ability to train mules and build  packsaddles.  Vast networks of mule-trains were developed throughout the Northwest Territory and far into present-day British Columbia.