Fort Vancouver Tapestry

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A large scale multi-year community art project of this size, scope and artistic ambition requires countless hours before, during and beyond the 100,000 hours of stitchery. We have been buoyed by the adage that ‘many hands make light loads’ and take great pride in being part of a closely knit community eager to share our passion for fiber arts and preserving heritage crafts.
Presently we are looking for people with a variety of skills beyond stitchery to join us as we face the many challenges before us: framing, lighting and exhibition of the Tapestry. Please consider joining us as we continue to make history—one stitch at a time.

The Fort Vancouver Tapestry Project is a significant effort to illustrate the settlement and development of the history of Clark County, Washington. We would very much appreciate your views, suggestions and comments regarding the Project. Please feel free to email Bob or Sherry with specific questions or direct general comments/questions to the information email.

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