Fort Vancouver Tapestry

Timberline Lodge

After completion of the Fort Vancouver Tapestry, a core group of stitchers decided to continue meeting weekly to take on other projects, both for the shared community experience and to keep their skills intact.

A very exciting on-going project for the group is working with Linny Adamson, long-time curator of Timberline Lodge, doing restoration and reproduction work for the Lodge. Most of the original WPA fiber articles were too far gone when the 1975 renovation of the lodge took place, but new drapes, bedspreads and pillow covers were constructed using the original patterns of mountain flowers and mountain-inspired geometric designs. The Fort Vancouver Tapestry Stitchers use those same designs to produce new drapes and pillow covers, as well as renovating some of the 1975 work. The drapes and pillow covers are constructed in-house and the designs are all hand-appliqued by the Stitchers. Among the 1930s-era designs are trilliums, blue gentians, anemone, swamp rose and Solomon's Seal.

The Stitchers are always delighted to participate in Timberline Heritage activities and demonstrations.