Fort Vancouver Tapestry

27. Ferry

People ferried to and from Fort Vancouver

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Sponsored by: San Juan County Textile Guild
Ferries were the main means of shuttling people and goods across the Columbia until the first bridge connecting Oregon and Washington was completed in 1917. The ferry landing was at the south end of what is now Main Street.

This panel also features the Congressional Medal of Honor in the top border. Sergeant Moses Williams was the first black man to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. First Sergeant Williams’ 1899 official citation reads: “Rallied a detachment, skillfully conducted a running fight of 3 or 4 hours, and by his coolness, bravery, and unflinching devotion to duty in standing by his commanding officer in an exposed position under a heavy fire from a large party of Indians saved the lives of at least 3 of his comrades”.
He lived in Vancouver after he received this medal and is buried in the Vancouver Barracks Post Cemetery.

The tapestry begins to turn by degrees away from the river to the burgeoning town.