Fort Vancouver Tapestry

4. Mount Hood

Waiting Chinook

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Sponsored by: Jim & Kay McClaskey
Panels 0 – 5 These panels illustrate some of the earliest residents of the region, the Chinooks. The scenes are very open and panoramic. They show cedar and fir forests, the Columbia River and native peoples going about their daily lives - harvesting Camas roots, fishing and carrying bundles of natural materials.
The upper border has representations – icons – that refer to the panels. Note a Camas blossom, a Wapato leaf, woven baskets, a mask and salmon. Wy’east (Mount Hood) is featured in the distance. Some people are down by the river loading a canoe. The Chinook greeting “Klahowya” is in the upper border.
Now, if you'll look closely in the woods, you will also see Sasquatch. You'll find him watching our progress throughout the tapestry.