Fort Vancouver Tapestry

49. Kiggins Bowl

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Sponsored by: Friends of Eleanor Van de Water
Kiggins Bowl opened officially on May 13, 1949 and was named for John P. Kiggins; one of Vancouver’s most flamboyant and longest serving mayor.  The site had been rejected by other architects as unbuildable, but noted local architect Day Hilborn designed a facility that fit the site perfectly. Some of his other architectural contributions to Vancouver include the Clark County Court House, Washington Mutual Savings Bank’s downtown branch, the Clark Public Utilities Building, United Methodist Church, and many of the region’s most gracious private homes. Kiggins Bowl opened officially on May 13, 1949 – the baseball diamond opened with a game between Clark College and Centralia College. It continues to serve football, soccer and baseball teams, as well as Discovery Middle School on its south border.
Aptly enough, there are band instruments in the top border…accompanied by the ever-present blackberries.