Fort Vancouver Tapestry

64. Rainbow House

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Sponsored by: Jean B. Ferry
Lloyd “Ace” Parsons created one of Vancouver’s quirkiest attractions, the Rainbow House, and became an attraction on the 1960’s television program, “That’s Incredible!” 

Over the years he painted his house, car and driveway very bright colors – red, green, blue and yellow- with lots of stars for decoration. His garden in the backyard was complete with pond, miniature Dodge City and grotto of ceramic frogs.   Shortly after Lloyd suffered a stroke and his wife died, the house was demolished to accommodate a new parking structure.

The top border shows the logo for TREE CITY USA, which Vancouver has been awarded many, many times. You’ll also see DB Cooper parachuting out of the airplane he hijacked after a bank heist. What a great story – he was never found but some of the money from the robbery was later discovered at Frenchman’s Bar on the banks of the Columbia River by a Vancouver boy.